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As from the 1'st April 2022, angling at the pond is allowed for fully paid up members only, day tickets will no longer be available at any time.

Remember each angler must be a fully paid-up member and hold the necessary National Anglers License, national and pond rules will be strictly enforced. 

All memberships must be made with our Head Bailiff Adam Williamson on


FISHING MEMBERSHIPS - Adult £60 or OAP, Disabled Concessions & Juniors £30.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIPS (or Friends of the Pond) - Non-fishing £10.

This membership type is offered to those who would like to be regarded as "Friends of the Pond" for non angling and would therefore like to contribute to the upkeep and improvement of the pond area with a £10 a  year membership. This gets you a membership card, and an invite to any meetings we have where you can get your voice heard on new developments and we'll look at having a picnic come BBQ at the pond in the summer, should restrictions permit..

See membership forms.


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The pond offers quiet country walks round the bank side path for walkers,

push chairs and dog walkers, together with quiet Fishing for many native fish species. 

The pond draws members and visitors not only from the local areas of Wilford Village, Compton Acres,

West Bridgford, Clifton and the Meadows, but because of the convenient location close to many

amenities, many visitors to the area from all over the East Midlands and beyond.

The Iremongers Pond Association is the management group for the pond and was formed in November 2007

and has in that time has won many  Awards. It is staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers from all the

surrounding areas of Nottingham. Associate membership is available for people who just want to support

these activities as help is always needed to maintain the environment for fishing, wildlife and visitors.

Walks round the pond can give great views of many Birds, Amphibians, Insects and many native Plants & Views species.


The paths go all the way round the pond but the section over the bridge, nearest end to the river, here the approach is a little steeper and access over the bridge itself can get flooded in times of high water levels.

We can now provide access for most pushchairs and wheelchairs from the South Western corner, closest corner to the new tram stop and the Ferry Inn and non of these slopes should be too difficult for most walkers, pushchairs and wheelchairs (slopes are DDI compliant).


There are 2 picnic tables located in the fruit orchard at the South West corner,  near the approach slope / Ferry Inn end and 6 benches situated at various points round the main pond. Here you can sit and take in the many fine views, there is also a bench by the swales / small inlet ponds at the South East corner.


In February 21 we were donated approximately 2 dozen flowering cherry trees from the Japanese Embassy under the "Sakura Cherry tree Project". These have been planted around the swales and the bench area. In the spring and early summer these should make a very fine display and reintroduces Wilford's historic connection with cherry's.


We are endeavouring to improve facilities round the pond all the time and we have 4 large bins located approximately at each corner, please dispose of your litter carefully but if these are full please take it home.

We regularly organise volunteer "Clean-up days" and suggestions, comments or notice of any problems are always appreciated, either by emailing us  at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or in an emergency, contact numbers can be found on several notices around the area, usually located in pond side trees.

Please remember, this is a voluntary organisation with very limited funds and any help  will be eagerly received.

Keep an eye out for future improvements both to the pond and website, including a new and improved gallery.


Please refer to the Diary / News & Events for full details.



These are Available online (download here : Membership Form or Facebook Page) and Matchman (Fishing) Supplies, 4 Ella Road,Nottingham.NG2 5GW have some forms, talk to one of our bailiffs for help on this.

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