Bird Survey - 8'th Feb 2009

We more or less surveyed the area defined on the board at the reserve entrance. 

That is taking in birds seen or heard up to the top of the surrounding banks and to the stepping 

stones at the northern end.

Birds flying over were not included, unless clearly using the area. 

However it should be noted that a Red-throated Diver flew over the reserve at 9am and again at 

9.15 am, this time flying east towards Holme Pierrepont. We have reported this sighting to 

Nottinghamshire Birders, as it is an important record which will be passed to the County Recorder. 

They should normally be seen off the coast!

Weather conditions:

Still, partly sunny, temperature below zero degrees centigrade, pond frozen, so that the only open 

water was just south of the stepping stones. This meant no birds could be on the pond. Ground 

was also frozen.

Birds present in alphabetical order:


Chaffinch – singing

Crow, Carrion

Dove, Collared

Dunnock - singing



Greenfinch - singing

Heron, Grey






Thrush, Song - singing

Tit, Blue

Tit, Great - singing

Tit, Long-tailed




There were a group of c.15 Linnets feeding on the grasses just north of the stepping stones, 

which is good to see as this is a farmland bird which has declined by over 50% since 1970. 

This habitat is obviously attractive to Linnets as it is, and we would suggest you try and maintain 

it in its present state.


Also good to see Britain’s smallest bird, the Goldcrest which can suffer in cold winters. 

This was seen on the wooded embankment to the east side of the pond.


The frozen lake may have accounted for the absence of ducks, gulls and grebes. There were 

Black-headed gulls on the rugby pitch and flying over. These might normally use the pond to roost. 

This would need confirmation.


Greenfinches and Wrens were abundant.