Flora Survey

Flora survey completed by Chris Kennedy, BTCV on 13th August,

We could not complete an accurate survey due to the weather but
did identify a small number of trees (willow-goat and crack,
sycamore, hawthorn, ash, and elder).

Any conservation work done in the future I would ensure more trees
are planted such as oak and silver birch.

Silver birch are excellent trees in terms of conservational value. I
would also plant some alders if possible as these will enrich the soil

Wildflowers we found:-
                                  White dead nettle
                                  Shepherds purse
                                  Red clover
                                  Common toadflax
                                  Common mouse ear
                                  Scented mayweed
                                  Common figwort
                                  Great willow herb
                                  Rose bay willow herb
                                  Himalayan balsam